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What Uncertainty?


Mark Robinson, Managing Director

2019 so far...

On both sides of the Atlantic there has been considerable turmoil in the political landscape over the past few years, causing many people to brace for the worst. Given these are Ibsecad’s two main markets, we would be forgiven for keeping a cautious eye on events. 

It is therefore with great pleasure I’m able to report that Ibsecad has seen little evidence of this and maintains a very strong orderbook for 2019 and extremely exciting pipeline including some very large schemes.

Our global sales grew 24% in 2018 and we have seen the trend continuing upwards in 2019. Whilst we did see some delayed decision making in the UK in Q1 this year due to the ongoing political fiasco (not mentioning the ‘B’ word in this article!), we have seen a return to more normal conditions in recent months and remain very bullish about the last half of this year.

Our expansion plans in the U.S. have continued and I would like to say a special welcome on behalf of the Ibsecad family to our new U.S. office in Philadelphia. This office will offer support to the growing New York operation and will target alternative east coast markets of which there are several. I wish Eddy, Adrian and Dorsey the very best of luck in expanding the team.

In other news, our new website is being launched this July to keep Ibsecad moving forward and staying fresh in a forever changing industry. We are embracing new software all the time to enhance our service and opening ourselves up to new clients. It is fantastic to now include 4D sequencing, laser scanning and architectural modelling as regular services we provide as the industry demands higher levels of BIM involvement in almost all schemes.

Our main aim as a business has always been to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction we can. I genuinely believe to do that, first you must have a satisfied team. We are always looking for ways to improve our working environment as a way of saying thank to the most important people to us, the team itself. Check out our facebook page for updates on what the team gets up to!

Wishing everyone a successful 2019.

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