Skanska supports Ibsecad graduates

Andy Saxby assists graduate learning on site

As record drawings near completion on the Royal London Hospital, phase 2 in Whitechapel, Ibsecad graduates Sam Langridge & Adam Bell were invited on a guided tour of the site.

Andy Saxby, design manager for the project presented the nearly completed building by Skanska. The experience proved to be worthwhile for both graduates, as it aided additional insight into the reality of a construction site, opening up discussion on key stages of the build, including areas that could be improved on for future Ibsecad co-ordination works.

“Visiting the Royal London Hospital has transformed the way I saw the record drawings, from two dimensional drawings into three dimensional real life objects. I saw how services are coordinated in large and confined spaces, with pinpoint accuracy from the original models coordinated by Ibsecad”, Sam Langridge said.

The learning experience proved valuable for our talented graduates, confirming that as we continue to develop communication within our business, we support new talent. In doing so, the direct result is that build issues are discussed and revisited as key learnings on our projects.

“I found the site visit very beneficial, as it provided a better understanding of the system components and to appreciate the complexity of coordinating multiple services through a hospital. I found it particularly interesting when we looked at areas of the building where problems had occurred and how they had been resolved”, Adam Bell added.

Thanks again to Andy Saxby for putting aside some time and to Skanska for allowing Ibsecad access.