Emirates Arena & Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome

The Project
A major sporting venue for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and beyond, the venue comprises a state of the art Indoor Sports Arena, the Chris Hoy Velodrome, and a central admin building hosting the headquarters of many major Scottish sporting bodies.

The Challenge
Sir Robert McAlpine wanted to improve on traditional approach of all of the separate M&E subcontractors working independently on their own services installation drawings with minimal collaboration between them as far as services coordination in the pre construction phase. The purpose being to minimise clashes on site and reduce risk and delay to program.

Our Solution
Ibsecad acted as the single source modeller for all services and built a detailed 3D BIM model including architectural and structural building fabric and all services coordinated from RIBA Stage E design to produce fully coordinated services installation drawings with elements of prefabrication.
The Ibsecad model formed the focus for regular design team and multi discipline trade subcontractor meetings, with the subcontractors commenting and contributing to the content of the model and installing directly from the SRM / Ibsecad drawings rather than producing their own drawings independently.

The Result
Major design problems were solved during the modelling phase saving costly real world errors from making it to site, not only in terms of services but also structural and architectural details and plant support. Installation from the SRM / Ibsecad drawings went smoothly and to program with minimal unforeseen problems impacting the program.