Design on the Delaware Trade Show

Ibsecad's New York Regional Director, Chris Bird was invited to discuss the Nemours Hospital project with Skanska USA & the Owners representative at Design on the Delaware trade show 2013.

The focus for the presentation and Q&A session was based on "Prefabrication from an owners perspective"

There were two main questions posted to the panel as detailed below;

How much money did Prefabrication on the project save?
Skanska's response was as far as material and labour they do not have enough data at the moment on the project to give an accurate answer but the big saving has been on schedule. They will be able to complete the hospital earlier by doing prefab therefore the hospital can open earlier and start accepting patients and earning money earlier.

Art (owner rep) agreed with the Earlier completion is a huge financial positive for the hospital. Prefab also made it easier for there inspections as they could just attend a workshop without having to get up ladders all over a building site, He also saw prefab as a positive for Safety, less injuries were reported as the trades are working in a controlled environment not climbing up ladders. This reduces injuries on site therefore reducing insurance costs which is another financial positive

What lessons were learnt and what would we do differently on the next project?
All of us on the panel agreed that involving Ibsecad and Skanska in the project during the design stage was a key decision in successful delivery. This is something the guys in the UK are doing regularly, It allows Ibsecad to influence the design to assist with prefab and also highlight any coordination/constructability issues within the design phase. This enables the design teams a chance to resolve the issues during the design phase rather than being raised as RFI’s during the construction phase and causing abortive works and delays on site.
Basically reducing the risk of additional costs during the construction phase and giving the trades a more detailed set of documents to tender from. Therefore enabling a more accurate GMP. (Guaranteed Maximum Price)

We look forward to being involved at the conference again next year.