Co-ordinating the RiserSafe® System

Introduction to RiserSafe®

During BIM & MEP co-ordination at One Crown Place (MACE) and AYKON tower (Multiplex) we were introduced to the Ambar Kelly RiserSafe system.

The product has been developed to eliminate the risk of falling from height through floor openings as their is no hole and no risk.

Nick Atkinson recently completed a CPD session with our Leeds team who have been integrating RiserSafe into the MEP Co-ordination at One Crown Place.

With an increase on early engagement MEP Co-ordination incorporating innovate systems like this can provide a quicker and safer construction environment.

By providing permanent formwork with penetrations and framing to suit the MEP Co-ordinated routes there is a considerable saving on time and risk out on site.

The Ambar Kelly formwork & plates are pictured here at One Crown Place prior to Install.

Below is a detailed video demonstrating the system.

For more information contact Nick Atkinson or visit the Ambar Kelly's website;