Our BIM position is Crystal Clear

As the BIM level 2 deadline approaches Karan Koooner, Ibscead BIM Technician attends the Crystal Clear 2014 BIM Conference.

The Crystal Clear BIM conference, hosted by Amtech, took place in the stunning Crystal, a landmark building for sustainable design. The aim of the conference was to increase BIM knowledge for all those involved in the construction process, from concept design to operation and management.

A number of stakeholders in the BIM process were represented, ranging from technology developers to building owners, allowing the audience to gain a better understanding of BIM throughout the building lifecycle.

As the conference progressed a number of key themes became apparent. A clear, detailed and unambiguous BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is needed to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of the BIM to the client. IFC files should be used to exchange information, as this is the most ‘software friendly’ means of transfer. Strong, collaborative working relationships between all parties involved throughout the lifecycle is needed to optimise the BIM process, which needs to begin as early in the project as possible.

Overall, perhaps the most common message from all speakers is that BIM is becoming more and more common in the construction industry, and its advantages compared to the traditional methods are huge.
As we reflect on what was learned during the Crystal Clear Conference it is fair to say that IBSECAD are in a strong position to meet clients BIM needs. The BEP is in place, IFC files are already being used for data transfer and we believe we are on target to reach level 2 BIM standards by the end of the year.